2012 NFL MocK Draft

  1. Colts- A. Luck QB Stanford
  2. Redskins- R. Griffin QB Baylor
  3. Vikings- M. Claiborne CB LSU
  4. Browns- T. Richardson RB ALA
  5. TRADE Panthers J. Blackmon WR OKLA
  6. Rams- F. Cox DT MISS
  7. Jaguars- M Kalil OT USC
  8. Dolphins- R, Tannehill QB TX AM
  9. Bucs- R Reiff OT Iowa
  10. Bills- Q Couples DE UNC
  11. KC- D Decastro OG Stan
  12. Seahawks- L. Kuechly LB BC
  13. Cardinals- M. Floyd WR ND
  14. Cowboys- M Ingram OLB SC
  15. Eagles-W Mercilus DE Ill
  16. Jets- C Upshaw ALA
  17. Cincinatti- S Gillmore CB SC
  18. San Diego- Chandler Jones DE CUSE
  19. Bears- S Hill WR GT
  20. Titans- D Kirkpatrick CB ALA
  21. Cincinatti- J Martin OT Stan
  22. Browns- K Wright WR Baylor
  23. Lions- A Branch DE Clem
  24. Steelers- D Poe NT MEM
  25. Broncos- M Barron SS ALA
  26. Texans M Brockers DT LSU
  27. Patriots D Still DE PENN ST
  28. Packers- N Perry OLB USC
  29. Ravens- D Hightower LB ALA
  30. 49ers- C Glenn OG GA
  31. Patriots- D Martin RB Boise
  32. Giants- P Konz C/G UW

J Marx


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